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Find a Church

How to choose a church

So, you’re interested in going to church, that’s great!  We’d like to help you find one that fits your needs. First of all, church is a body of people that are like a family.  They may all agree on certain theology, such as Jesus is awesome, but they may gather and study differently.  Finding the right church is very important for your overall church experience.  Don’t be afraid to try more than one church, but keep these tips in mind.

  1. Asking friends is a great place to start. Your close friends may know and love a church. If you’re a lot like your friends, it may be a good fit. But, don’t feel bad if your friend’s church isn’t the best fit for you. No matter what your previous experience (or perception) of church has been, chances are the church you visit will be different.

  2. Try to figure out what kind of church you want to go to. Do you want a small church where everyone will know your name? Are you looking for a larger church where there are several specialized programs such as couples counseling, grief counseling or substance abuse recovery programs?  Do they have a children’s program that meets the needs of your kids’ ages?

  3. Take a look online at your neighborhood churches. Just keep in mind a great church can be behind a dated website. Online research is great, but it doesn’t replace meeting people and interacting with them.


One common goal to remember: whichever church you choose, they should always have the Bible open and the focus should always be on Jesus.


Below is a listing of churches in the Battle Ground, WA area, in no particular order. Feel free to browse through the listings and visit their websites, give them a call or just show up on Sunday. Every church listed is open to anyone wanting to attend. 

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