Stories of Life Change


Here’s what others have to say about going to church:


Michelle: Past life experiences carried with Michelle into her marriage. She and her husband, Fred, started to become bitter and selfish – causing great turmoil in their marriage. Michelle opened a bible and God answered her in the first verse she read. She shares her story of surrender to Jesus Christ and the impact it had on her marriage to Fred and every aspect of her life.


Collin: A popular student in high school, but he was trying to live to make others happy and felt empty inside. Life felt meaningless. He was invited to a Young Life meeting and found his answer in Christ. He now knows that all his accomplishments are because of God.


Jon: As a young man, Jon tragically killed his best friend and maimed another in a drunk-driving accident. Riddled with guilt, he turned to more drugs and alcohol on a mission to hurt himself.  Jon ran from God and was convinced he could never be forgiven or have worth again. This powerful story illustrates that no matter what you’ve done, you can confess it to the Lord and in His grace, He will forgive you and He can use you to make a difference.



Jamie: A young teen has a very troubled home life. An absent father and an alcoholic mother left Jamie and her brother on their own. She started making bad choices to fit in with the party crowd and had no self worth. But then she met a friend, Sarah, who invited her to church. Her relationship with Christ helped her wash away her past and learn to love herself again.