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So, you’re wondering why people go to church every Sunday. We think one of the best ways you can learn about why people go to church is to ask someone that seems to love it. Trust us; most Christians are waiting to answer your questions.

But here’s a general idea of why people go to church:

Learn about God and Jesus.  Many people attend church because they simply want to know more about God by studying the Bible at church and asking questions.

Grow closer to God.  We call it worship, but it’s basically an act of growing closer to God through singing, learning, volunteering and just being in His presence.  

Community. God brings people of all walks of life together under one common bond – getting to know Jesus. Church provides a deep sense of community where you belong and are loved just as you are. Don’t worry; you will be welcome.

Help others. You know how you feel good when you do a good deed? That’s because God designed you that way. People also attend church to have an opportunity to help others or, as we call it, serve others. You’ll never feel more fulfilled than when you have helped someone who couldn’t possibly repay you.  

Discover purpose. God has designed you to have a unique gift and a purpose. In church, it much easier to find your unique talent and be encouraged by others to use it.

Find peace. Going to church doesn't promise an easy or happy life. Nothing can. But belonging in a church means you have the peace of God with you in hard times and a community of people to walk with you. 


What Church is Not.

Church is NOT religion. Religion is rules telling you how to be right with God. Jesus actually came to abolish religion. Simply put, Jesus shows us how to love God and love others without the mess of religion. 


  • Church is NOT a set of stuffy old rules

  • Church is NOT about being perfect or boring all the time

  • Church is NOT about giving all your money to the church

  • Church is NOT about earning your way to heaven through good deeds 

  • Church is NOT about judging or hating people for their choices (Jesus hates no one)

  • Church IS about a place where you can learn about God's deep love for humanity, love God and to love and be loved by others  

Why do people need church?

You probably know somebody that says they don't need church to know God. Well, that may be true, but that is completely not the point. Going to church is about being a part of something bigger than yourself. It's a beautiful tapestry of unique people who find true belonging and love for one another. 




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